Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Istanbul Technical University (ITU) to strategically cooperate on the development of 5G technologies. Within the frame of the contract signed, Turkcell and ITU will carry out mutual studies in Research & Development and education areas to make Turkey a producing country in 5G technology.

Turkcell has signed an agreement to carry out work in partnership with Istanbul Technical University for developing 5G technologies in Turkey. Within the frame of the protocol signed by Istanbul Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, Turkcell CEO Kaan Terzioglu and Istanbul Technical University Informatics Institute Director Prof. Dr. Ertugrul Karacuha, Turkcell and Istanbul Technical University are going to carry out mutual R&D studies on 5G. The ultimate aim of ITU and Turkcell in signing this contract is to make Turkey a producing country in 5G technology.

"In line with Turkey's targets for 2023, we will continue our mission of collaboration with industry. R&D activities to be carried out in both application and mobile communication systems will provide significant contribution to the future competitiveness of our country. I would like to emphasize that the project carried out with Turkcell is a start point in this regard." said Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, Istanbul Technical University Rector.

"Currently Turkey has one of the most prepared infrastructures in the world for 5G. We, as Turkcell, believe that 5G technologies can be a milestone for our country to become a producing country. And our top-priority target is to see Turkey as the leader of the countries that have developed 5G and to allow it to be an arbiter in this area with our collaboration with ITU. For this purpose, we are going to work together with the best engineers both at our company and at ITU to establish a 5G centre in the campus of the university," said Kaan Terzioglu, Turkcell CEO.

"With ITU and Turkcell collaboration, in regard with 5G we are going to found an open-area test, measurement and research centre and make it available for everyone who carry out R&D activities. We also aim to develop products locally in Turkey and contribute to local production within the frame of new technologies. This will ensure participation in standardization studies in the world for 5G," said Istanbul Technical University Informatics Institute Director Prof. Dr. Ertugrul Karacuha.

Within the frame of this collaboration, the plan is to conduct studies for increasing the competitiveness of Turkey in regard with 5G by using The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering Institute of Informatics, High Performance Computing Centre, laboratories and technical infrastructure opportunities at ITU. This collaboration will also provide an excellent opportunity for ITU students to take part in 5G studies and make contributions.

ITU and Turkcell are going to act together at scientific events such as conferences, symposiums, seminars, workshops and panel discussions regarding national and international 5G projects, as well as R&D studies. Within the scope of the agreement that ensures cooperation also in the standardisation studies regarding the next generation telecommunications, Turkcell and ITU are going to create an infrastructure at the university for "ITU-Cell Research, Development and Test Environment" to make the Ayazaga Campus of ITU a 5G centre.

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