Mentor Capital And GreenVision Systems On HBO-Vice Tonight

Mentor Capital, Inc. (OTCQB: MNTR) announced that today at 4:30PM PST it will be, with its client Puerto Rico medical cannabis and organic hemp corporation GreenVision Systems, on HBO's Emmy Award winning hit series "Vice", produced by Seth Dalton. Check your local listings for HBOE December 1, 2016. The previously planned airing on November 28 th was pushed out to today due to reporting on the death of Fidel Castro.

Mentor CEO Chet Billingsley, filmed on location in Puerto Rico, provides analysis of the scope of the Puerto Rican market, including job creation, expected tax revenues, decreases in criminal sector funding and expected future decrease in overdose deaths by the observed substitution effect of up to 20% of harder drugs and alcohol for the more benign legal cannabis use. On medical cannabis, Mr. Billingsley outlines how the mellowing of nervous signal transmission decreases the severity of seizures, tremors, chronic pain, nausea and migraines. He concludes interviews by quantifying the scope of the possible opportunity for client GreenVision Systems founded by the public company StereoVision Entertainment, Inc. and Puerto Rican interests, according to Mentor. CEO Billingsley adds, "Upon the effectiveness of a registration statement with the SEC by GreenVision, Mentor Capital, Inc. intends to dividend its GreenVision ownership out to Mentor's approximately 4,000 shareholders to allow them to directly participate in ownership of the Puerto Rican cannabis business in addition to their Mentor holdings."

"Producer Seth Dalton interviews GreenVision's management team about the emphasis on the medical cannabis industry in Puerto Rico since Governor Alejandro García Padilla's emergency decree July 8th 2016 legalizing medical cannabis in Puerto Rico," stated StereoVision CEO Jack Honour. "GreenVision's COO Walter Marrero Melendez Esq., an attorney and former criminal judge in Puerto Rico, and for the last ten years a leading advocate for the legalization of cannabis and hemp products, speaks at length about the many economic opportunities with cannabis." In a separate release today CEO Honour reported GreenVision entered into a five-year lease for a 125 acre farming facility in Puerto Rico.

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