Kopin's Whisper Voice Chip Is CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree

A new voice technology from Kopin Corporation (Nasdaq: KOPN) - a chip that can double the accuracy of automatic speech recognition in noisy environments and that dramatically improves far-field voice quality in smartphones and wearables - was named a CES 2017® Innovation Awards Honoree in the Embedded Technologies category by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) .

When designed into mobile electronics, the new Kopin Whisper Voice Chip provides users superior speech recognition and voice quality - especially in noisy environments such as a shopping mall, a city street or a busy restaurant. As consumers increasingly choose voice as their preferred interface to electronic devices, OEMS and integrators will need technologies such as Whisper that improve voice performance.

More Wearables Tech from Kopin

For Kopin, a long-time developer of display technologies and products for wearables, Whisper represents a market expansion into voice and speech: It was one of three Kopin products awarded the CTA's Honoree status last week. The others were Kopin's Solos smart sunglasses for athletes, and its Black Pupil tiny liquid crystal display (LCD) module for smart glasses such as Solos and other brands.

"The CTA's recognition of Whisper is a bellwether that customers will be as interested in Kopin voice technologies as they are in Kopin display technologies," said Kopin President and CEO Dr. John C.C. Fan. "Other speech-recognition solutions deteriorate in most real-world environments, but not our Whisper Voice Chip. It's the game-changer that OEMs and integrators - as well as consumers - have eagerly awaited."

No Hands Needed

The 4x4mm, low-power, digital Whisper Voice Chip enables wearable electronics to perform accurate speech recognition and to provide more natural voice quality. What's more, it provides a true hands-free, noise-cancelled speech-recognition interface that works nearly everywhere - regardless of environmental noise - addressing the key pain-point about which consumers complain today.

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