Double Crown Resources Signs Exclusive Agreement For SealaFresh Food Preservation Transport Technology

HENDERSON, NV, Nov. 29, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Double Crown Resources, Inc. (DDCC), is pleased to report that the company has signed an exclusive marketing agreement for a new trade secret classed technology called SealaFresh with tremendous potential in agricultural shipping. Very importantly, the SealaFresh technology complements all of the patent filings for the Translock² (Translock Squared) intermodal container system that have been made to date. The inventor of this new technology decided on Translock² as the best bulk commodity container choice after researching all other options because of the unique design features, especially the patented gravity feed interlocking mechanism, available only in the Translock² system, marketed solely by Double Crown Resources. The SealaFresh brand name will be trademarked by Double Crown for exclusive use in commodity transport and will position Translock² to become the preferred mode of transport for numerous categories of vital foodstuffs which are shipped worldwide in macro quantities. A major agricultural shipper and retailer has been introduced to the SealaFresh technology and has already completed its own testing of the system which was successful. This company is now interested in employing the system commercially in the regular shipment of agricultural products. Double Crown management is excited at the prospect of offering this new technology to this customer via the Translock² transport system with all of its many other advantages.

The SealaFresh technology is a new nanotechnology based method that can generate a measurable effect around the chambers of a shipping container such as the Translock² system, completely locking out moisture, humidity, microorganisms and corrosion. This effect is created by a pulse field much like an isochronic tone, enhancing the natural energy field of the contents to trigger a quantum nano phenomenon without the use of chemicals or any other potentially harmful substance. Completed studies have demonstrated that this unique pulse field effect can multiply the useful lifespan of perishable foodstuffs by a factor of at least 4X over current methods of transport, and even greater than 8X in certain applications. Simply put, beans, grain and related foodstuff commodities will be able to be stored and conceptually last far beyond current accepted limits of perishability, making them much more valuable. This significant scientific advancement can provide far reaching benefits to both the shippers and buyers of perishable agricultural commodities transported by rail, road and water routes all over the globe. For reference material on the potential applications of Translock² in the agricultural shipping sector, Double Crown management suggests a review of the following article: Food Spoilage, Storage, and Transport: Implications for a Sustainable Future. Note particularly, the section of this article devoted to the critical factors involved in modern day food transport methods and the key references to the time issue before food spoilage will begin to occur.