Know Your Water Website Educates Users On Contaminants That May Be In Water Supplies Across Country

PUR, a Helen of Troy Limited (NASDAQ, NM: HELE) company, distributors of faucet filters certified to reduce over 70 contaminants, including 99 percent of lead—more than any other brand 1—announced the launch of, a free online resource where Americans can learn about their local water quality simply by entering their home address. Using EPA-mandated testing data, PUR's Know Your Water website is the first interactive water quality user experience that lets U.S. consumers know what potential contaminants may find their way into the water supply as it travels to their home.

After entering an address, users are given an overview of their local water. An animated water droplet that represents the source of where their drinking water comes from takes users on its personal journey from source, to treatment facility, through miles of pipe to their tap. All throughout the video game-like experience users can click on dynamic visuals to learn about potential contaminants that can seep into the water droplet as it travels to their home. Simple solutions are then given to reduce many contaminants to ensure cleaner drinking water comes out of their tap.

As America's infrastructure ages, concerns about water contamination grow. According to the Water Quality Association, when water leaves a municipal treatment facility it meets all the guidelines of the EPA's Safe Drinking Water Act. However, as that water makes its way through aging pipes to your home, the potential for contaminants to make their way into that water after treatment is very real. For example, it has been reported that nearly half of U.S. homes (almost 75 million) were constructed before 1980; these homes are most likely to contain at least some lead plumbing. 2

"The recent lead contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan was an eye-opening experience and reinforced our goal to educate consumers and empower them to find out about what's in their water," says Deb Mudway, Marketing Vice President, Helen of Troy Home, owners of PUR. "Our Know Your Water website will let anyone, from any state gain a greater understanding of the kinds of contaminants that can potentially be in their own local water supply."

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