Apple, Amazon, the Dollar: Here's What Tradebird Users Are Bullish About

Want to know what real investors think about the markets and individual stocks?

Well, Tradebird, a social application for investors and traders, keeps tabs on whether its users are bearish or bullish on a wide range of financial assets and indices.

Following is a list of closely watched stocks and other assets, along with sentiment readings among Tradebird users.

1. Euro/Dollar Currency Pair (EUR/USD)

The dollar is king. Last week the euro/dollar currency pair again tested the 1.05 area where it has been finding strong support. Although it seems like the pair has already bottomed, the long-awaited and still possible Federal Reserve interest rate hike may push the pair even lower. Tradebird users are 59% bearish (meaning they think the euro will continue to decline in value against the greenback).

2. Gold

As the dollar continues to gain strength, gold broke the $1,200-an-ounce mark last week, reaching $1,170 an ounce. At the same level, the price found some good support, and early Monday the precious metal is trading around $1,190 an ounce. Sentiment among Tradebird users is mixed, with investors 51% bullish.

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