T3 Motion, Inc. Sees Rise In Sales Of T3 Motion TG-7 Ballistic Vest Impact Pad To Police Agencies

T3 Motion, Inc. (OTC: TTTM), the global leader in the design and delivery of electric vehicles and tactical technology to the law enforcement, military, and security markets, has seen its sales of the revolutionary T3 Motion TG-7 Ballistic Vest Pad Inserts rise since its launch into the market in Q2 of 2016. The T3 Motion TG-7 Pads are a proprietary, non-Newtonian fluid designed to reduce the soft-tissue impact of bullet strikes when used underneath a standard Kevlar Level IIIA bulletproof vest.

In less than six short months since their debut, multiple public safety agencies in five states have purchased the innovative T3 Motion TG-7 Ballistic Vest Impact Pads. The innovative T3 Motion TG-7 Pads are designed to reduce the secondary "back force deformation" energy when a bullet strikes a bulletproof vest worn by officers by up to 42 to 96%. The innovative energy-dispersing pads can lower the risk of painful and/or debilitating soft-issue injuries when an officer is shot wearing a ballistic vest.

The T3 Motion TG-7 was extensively tested using N.I.J. Standard 0101-06 for Back Force Signatures (BFS) with the Palm Bay (FL) Police Department, Sebastian (FL) Police Department, and Melbourne (FL) Police Department at the Police Firing Range in Palm Bay, FL.

Four different caliber weapons ( 9mm Ball, 9mm Hollow Point, 10mm, 40 Cal, and 45 Cal) were fired at a Level IIIA ballistic vest from a distance of 6 feet/1.83 meters. Each caliber's ammunition was fired three times—the first for a "Vest only" reading, the second for "1 T3 Motion TG-7 pad," and the third and final time for "2 T3 Motion TG-7 pads." The T3 Motion TG-7 Inserts were placed between the vest and the clay block (simulating the human body tissue), per N.I.J. testing standards.

The scale of BFS reduction ranged from 42-68% for a single T3 Motion TG-7 pad to 58-96% for two T3 Motion TG-7 pads.