"The day after the election, I saw a big spike in book sales," said Tim Leffel, author of A Better Life for Half the Price, a guide to cheap living abroad. "The interest has remained strong."

Margit Streifeneder, author of a book about retiring to Nicaragua, had a similar account: "Trump's victory spurred on the interest for retiring abroad."

Is this, in fact, retirees seeking to flee a Trump Administration - or maybe just an uptick of interest in getting a bigger bang out of a stagnating Social Security check that has not seen a meaningful Cost of Living Adjustment in some years (it's 0.03% in 2017, up from zip in 2016)? Nobody knows, but there's agreement that suddenly a lot of eyes are on low cost retirement options abroad.

The question many retirees want answered is where can they live - comfortably and safely - on Social Security alone? Know that 43% of recipients say Social Security is 90% or more of their income. The average monthly benefit is $,1348. Is that enough to live - in some comfort - abroad?

"You definitely can live well on that," said Leffel. He stressed that many want to know if they can "live like a king" on that, and the answer, he said, is nope. But, he insisted, you can live comfortably - if you know where to land.

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