Atacama Resources International (ACRL-OTC) Announces Good2Drive, A Smartphone App That Tests Drivers For Cognitive Impairment

Atacama Resources International, a public company trading on the OTC exchange, announces Good2Drive, a roadside based smartphone app which tests the driver's ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. Good2Drive measures cognitive awareness by testing short-term memory and reaction time and sending the scientifically based 'pass' or 'fail' result to the appropriate authority. Good2Drive will be available for download on both Android and Apple smartphones by early 2017.

The fundamental advantage of this test is that it does not measure the percentage of alcohol, marijuana or other drugs in the blood. It measures alertness, the key indicator of driving safety, regardless of the reason for any cognitive impairment. This test is suitable for testing young teenage drivers, adult drivers, senior citizens and drivers of commercial vehicles.

Good2Drive is a roadside test that measures alertness regardless of the reason for any cognitive impairment. The breathalyzer has worked well with alcohol for years. However, the increased use of legal marijuana in North America has created a new monster on the highways, the drugged driver. For example, the state of Tennessee reported that in 2015 there were 174 drugged driver fatalities, a greater number than the 136 drunk driver fatalities reported. The Canadian government announced last April that it would introduce legislation in 2017 to legalize the sale of marijuana. At the November elections in the US, additional states approved the sale of marijuana and the trend continues. Law enforcement does not have a simple roadside test for marijuana and Good2Drive could well prove to be the solution because it measures the ability to drive, not the level of drugs or alcohol in the bloodstream.

Parents, trucking fleets, insurance companies, vehicle rental companies, government agencies and law enforcement have all expressed interest in Good2Drive as a tool to make highways safer for everyone and save lives in the process!

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