Communique From Extraordinary General Meeting 2016

Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB (publ.), with VAT no SE556332-667601, held on Monday, November 21, 2016, an Extraordinary General Meeting where the following main resolutions were made. For more detailed information about the content of the resolutions, see the notice for Extraordinary General Meeting which is available on Oasmia's website

UPPSALA, Sweden, Nov. 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Election of Members and Chairman of the Board The General Meeting made a resolution that, in accordance with a proposal from Alceco International S.A. at the General Meeting, that the Board shall consist of five regular members and no deputies.

Since it was established that Horst Domdey and Hans Sundin have resigned from the Board, a resolution was made at the General Meeting that the Board shall consist of five people, and election of Anders Lönner as Chairman. Julian Aleksov was elected as Vice Executive Chairman.

Remuneration for the Chairman of the Board A resolution was made at the General Meeting that the Chairman shall receive remuneration amounting to SEK 300,000.

Issue of warrants Resolutions were made in accordance with two proposals, one from the Board of Directors and one from Alceco International S.A, regarding warrant programmes for certain managers and Members of the Board in the company. The warrant programmes means that the company issues warrants to a wholly owned subsidiary which is liable to reassign them to the participants in the program.

The resolution, in accordance with the Board of Directors proposal, states that at most 3,000,000 warrants may be issued to the subsidiary. Full utilization of the warrants may increase the share capital with SEK 300,000.

The subsidiary's subscription of the warrants must be made within three weeks as of the day of the issue resolution. The warrants will be issued free of charge.

Members of the company's management, excluding the Vice Executive Chairman, will have the right to subscribe to warrants from the subsidiary. Each person will have the right to subscribe for 750,000 warrants.