Whether on a quest for the latest and greatest microbrewery or happy with a six pack of your favorite domestic, all beer loving fathers know one truth: beer is much more than the calorie-laden source of the dad bod. In fact, it's a culture. 

When considering the beer snob of a dad in your life, go beyond the typical case of craft with a bow on top, and choose a gift that will take the beer experience to a new level. 

He may have loved the musical "Hamilton," but you know he really wants to be Sam Adams.

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit

This is perfect for the aspiring first-time brewer who lacks the patience (and time) of the saints who make beer for a living. Mr. Beer breaks down the once stress-inducing home brewing process into a few simple steps. The kit includes a 2-gallon shatterproof keg, reusable carbonation bottles, brewing extracts and the necessary ingredients to make a Czech pilsner and a Mexican lager. In six weeks, you'll either have a delicious home brew or a whole lot of disappointment.  

How to Brew: Everything You Need To Know To Brew Beer Right The First Time

For back-up beyond Mr. Beer's instruction manual, pick up this guide by bestseller John J. Palmer. Palmer gives the step-by-step you need in a non-nonsense style that will remind you of your dad. 

Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System

While you're waiting the six weeks for your beer to brew, step up your bottled beer game with the Fizzics Draft beer system. It's basically the Keurig of beers, using fluid and gas technology to give your store beer that bar taste you crave. Now you have a back up if things go south with your home brew. 

For all great loves, there's always an even greater pun.

Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People

Remember all those precious bedtime stories from your childhood with this frothy parody. Although you probably won't even remember if someone reads it to you after a night at the bar.

Life is Brewtiful Tee

After all, nothing is more beautiful than a frosty glass at the end of a long day. Forget the butterflies, flowers and unicorns, and proudly represent what you truly find beautiful. 

Life's most important essentials are often the simplest. 

Beer Soap

It's inevitable, after a few too many ounces, you'll find yourself headed to the nearest bathroom. Never stop the party and bring your beer with you. This soap is made with IPA beer and takes a spicy, herbal fragrance.

Kollea Stainless Steel Beer Cooling Sticks

There's no bigger injustice than having to endure a warm beer from the store. Rather than putting the actual beer in the freezer and risking subsequent tragic explosions, place one of these frozen sticks in your drink for 30 minutes of chilled deliciousness. Just remember to keep the sticks in the freezer when they're not in use, or it kind of defeats the purpose. 

Step out of your comfort zone and find a new favorite. 

The Beer Bible

For picky drinkers or blossoming beer connoisseurs, this guide makes buying a new beer easy with an "If you like X, try Y" feature. Beers are divided into four distinctive categories (ales, lagers, wheat beers, and sour and wild ales) with hundreds of beers in each section and infographic charts to ease your understanding of different styles and flavor combinations. Warning: you may develop extremely expensive tastes. 

Copper Plated Beer Mug

What's a beer without a great mug?  Sip until you chug, champ. 

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