Mark Taggatz Joins The Defense Technology Advisory Team as Director Of Marketing

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 21, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Defense Technologies International Corp. (OTCQB:DTII) (The Company), a developer of security technologies, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Taggatz as a member of the Advisory Team as Director of Marketing.

Mark Taggatz has an extensive sales and marketing career that covers over 29 years. Mr. Taggatz began his sales and marketing career in 1987 as an investment advisor. From working at the prestigious investment firm Lehman Brothers, previously owning a stock brokerage firm in the United States, and being active in mergers and acquisitions, Mr. Taggatz has been instrumental in working with both private and public companies in all industries by helping them develop and expand their sales and marketing efforts.   

"I am pleased to join Defense Technologies International Corp. with the goal to help increase sales and shareholder value for the company.  Defense Technologies International has developed what I believe to be a superior and a healthier scanner than what is currently being used by airports around the world. I also see The Offender Alert Passive Scan™ as the ideal solution for schools seeking to prevent terror attacks.  Keeping students safe at every level of education should be a top priority for school administrators. I am highly confident that The Offender Alert Passive Scan™ provides a very safe and cost effective solution that will not only help prevent terror attacks but will also help save lives," stated Taggatz.

Merrill W. Moses, the CEO of Defense Technologies International Corp. commented:  "It's terrific for our Company to expand the depth of our available life and personal experiences. Mark, I'm sure, will assist us by magnifying our approach to the markets that can truly use and who desperately need our 21 st Century enhanced security products ... I'm pleased to have Mark and his expertise join us and assist us in our efforts to provide a better level of security to our Schools and for our Children. Once again, I hope all can observe our efforts to truly make a 'difference'... and join us, all those who believe that a "Safer America" is a safer World."