Non-Confrontational Outfits to Wear to Thanksgiving

Editors' pick: Originally published Nov. 21.

When dressing for a family-centered event where you know photos will be taken for posterity and immediately uploaded to Facebook by your social media obsessed Grandma, wearing something classic but cozy is your best bet. 

You already know your aunt is proudly going to don the pantsuit she's refused to take off since Hillary's startling defeat and your uncle is going to insist on wearing his "Make America Great Again" hat and various bright red merch he acquired from donating to the Trump campaign. In short, everything is going to be terrible and you're bringing booze this year in lieu of wine, because everyone is going to need it. In addition to selecting better liquor than your family deserves, make sure you're wearing something soft and warm, like a security blanket to shield you from the dissent surrounding a supposedly heartwarming event. 

If you're a man about town trying to play down any attention surrounding who you cast your ballot for, a quarter-zip is always a viable option. This cotton cashmere blend from Brooks Brothers is a cold weather staple that's lightweight enough to layer with a button-down for a casual office look or substantial enough to be layered with a blazer or jacket when temperatures dip below freezing. In short, it's versatile, and no one will question your sartorial choice, just your sanity after three helpings of stuffing and bickering with your cousins over throwing their votes away on Jill Stein. 

You've always considered yourself a fashionable lady, but need to show up to Thanksgiving in something both trendy and conservative considering your family now considers you a radical feminist. Skip the I <3 Planned Parenthood sweatshirt and opt for a figure-skimming sheath from J. Crew that will hide the food baby. Throw on a cardigan and flats you'll be swatting away "how are you still single?"  comments while wondering how much longer you'll have to entertain your current reality and explaining the consequences of an American version of Brexit. 

You've managed to create another tiny life form and while you wonder what kind of world they'll grow up in, at the moment you're going to concentrate on dressing them in the most adorable way possible. This Gap (GPS) boys' crewneck striped cableknit sweater dark navy silhouette will mask the bowl of cranberry sauce he manages to dump all over himself. 

For the girl who has everything, why not a dress that has both glitter stripes AND tulle? She'll probably destroy it in a matter of hours if not minutes, but the cute factor is too high on this one to pass it up. Hopefully the gravy only hits the upper half of the outfit and is somewhat hidden by the stripes. 

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