Quinnipiac University Goes To The Top Of The Class With Market-disrupting Website Transformation

On Thursday, Quinnipiac University launched its next generation website. The culmination of two years' work, www.qu.edu brings together the university's new brand strategy and identity with innovative UX design and marketing technology, creating a student-focused experience that stands out against traditional, institution-focused education websites.

Global digital experience design agency Critical Mass was tasked to create a truly differentiating university web experience for Quinnipiac, building greater interest and favorability among prospective students.

Keith Rhodes, Vice President of Brand Strategy and Integrated Communications, Quinnipiac University, commented: "From the outset, the university sought to challenge higher education industry conventions by building a web experience that moves from an institution-first approach to a student-centric model—one that better meets the needs of prospective students."

"Every day, our target audience is interacting with Uber, Spotify, Nike and like—brands with user experiences designed with today's younger consumers in mind. But when young people access a university website, the same level of clarity of message or craftsmanship is lacking, which is surprising given the importance of this decision on their lives. We heard this over and over again during our consumer research, and we knew we had to do something different and student-centric," Rhodes added.

Using research, data and insights, with heavy inspiration from brand web experiences outside of higher education, the university and its digital marketing agency partners sought to create a website experience that not only met the needs of prospective students, but advances the entire industry in terms of what a university website should look and act like.

"This was a unique opportunity to partner with a prestigious institution, and to create a high-impact and effective digital experience that challenges industry norms by focusing on the student," said Dianne Wilkins, Chief Executive Officer, Critical Mass.

About Critical Mass

Critical Mass ( www.criticalmass.com) is a global digital experience design agency with a relentless focus on the customer. Founded in 1996, the agency has grown to 12 full-service offices operating across North America, Europe, Latin America, South America and Asia. For over twenty years, the agency's belief in delivering brilliant customer experiences has produced business-building results for clients. Critical Mass has been recognized as a leader in digital experience design with agency rankings from Advertising Age, Warc 100 and Gartner, among others. Critical Mass is a part of the DAS Group of Companies.

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