When educator turned hip-hop artist Dee-1 finished paying off his student loans, he celebrated by writing the hit song, " Sallie Mae Back." Now, the lyrical master of financial literacy is teaming up with Sallie Mae to help students get on the right track to paying back their student loans. And with recent graduates making their first student loan payment this month, November was the ideal time to officially release the "Pay Off Your Student Loans Playlist," a set of tips, tools, and resources from Dee-1 and Sallie Mae.

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"Pay Off Your Student Loans Playlist" from Sallie Mae and Dee-1 (Photo: Business Wire)

"Pay Off Your Student Loans Playlist" from Sallie Mae and Dee-1 (Photo: Business Wire)

The Dee-1 and Sallie Mae collaboration on paying back student loans comes on the heels of the recently completed " Dee-1's Knowledge for College" tour, presented by Sallie Mae, during which Dee-1 and Sallie Mae visited 18 high schools in five states and awarded a total of $95,000 in scholarships.

"Whether talking about paying back student loans or a car note, I'm passionate about financial literacy and helping people learn through my own personal experiences," said Dee-1. "And the reality is, people out there are hungry for information. They want to understand the facts when it comes to paying back student loans and the best way to do it. That's why I partnered with Sallie Mae; we have that same vision and together we can educate people and help more of them feel that joy of paying off their student loans like I did."

When it comes to paying back student loans and managing finances, the following tips are at the top of Dee-1's playlist:

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