5 Stocks Under $10 Poised for Big Breakouts

There isn't a day that goes by on Wall Street when certain stocks trading for under $10 a share don't experience massive spikes higher. Traders savvy enough to follow the low-priced names and trade them with discipline and sod risk management are banking ridiculous coin on a regular basis.

Just take a look at some of the big movers to the upside in the under-$10 complex from Wednesday, including Sino-Global Shipping America (SINO) which soared by 178.1%; Recon Technology (RCON), which ripped higher by 83.8%; Voltari (VLTC), which soared by 65.1%; and Lucas Energy (LEI), which spiked by 55.3%. You don't even have to catch the entire move in lower-priced stocks such as these to make outsized returns when trading.

Low-priced stocks are something that I tweet about on a regular basis. These are also the exact type of stocks that I love to trade and alert in real-time. I frequently flag high-probability setups, breakout candidates and low-priced stocks that are acting technically bullish. I like to hunt for low-priced stocks that are showing bullish price and volume trends, since that increases the probability of those stocks heading higher. These setups often produce monster moves higher in very short time frames.

When I trade under-$10 stocks, I do it almost entirely based off of the charts and technical analysis. I also like to find under-$10 stocks with a catalyst, but that's secondary to the chart and volume patterns.

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