As the Inflation Beast Rattles Its Cage, Run, Don't Walk, to Gold

We have all seen the tawdry marketing pitches: Portfolio-destroying inflation is around the corner because of reckless government spending and unsustainable debt, so stock up the bomb shelter and buy gold.

But here is the twist: The perennial gold bugs are about to get vindicated. Inflation really does pose a threat.

It is smart to be skeptical of the Federal Reserve bashing by so-called hard money zealots who constantly preach doom and gloom. But the latest data suggest that the inflation beast is stirring from its long slumber, which means that the classic inflation hedge of gold is on the verge of a sustained rally.

Two gold investments that warrant investor attention are Goldcorp (GG)  and SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) .

First, however, let's look at the inflation danger and what is causing it.

Inflation is running at a meager 1% and has been extremely low for years, prompting investors to forget how inflation can ravage their financial security. But consider this: After 20 years, inflation averaging the Fed's target of 2% would slash a dollar's buying power to 67 cents.

The Fed this month said that it expects inflation to rise to at least 2% next year, as the temporary effects of past declines in energy and import prices fade and the labor market continues to strengthen.

Wages are rising, unemployment is falling, and the Commerce Department reported that the U.S. economy grew by an unexpectedly robust 2.9% in the third quarter.

President-elect Donald Trump's plans to massively boost defense and infrastructure spending, combined with wide-ranging tax cuts, also are stoking fears of inflation.

His surprise election has sparked a surge in the bond yields, the dollar and U.S. stocks as traders expect accelerating economic growth, greater stimulus and relaxed regulations.

The ICE United States Dollar Index, which gauges the dollar against six other currencies, on Wednesday rose to its highest level since April 2003. The dollar is soaring largely because Wall Street is betting that the Fed will increase interest rates at a faster pace to fight inflation.

The time to purchase inflation hedges is now, before the rest of the investment crowd belatedly tries to get in on the action and pushes up their prices. Greater uncertainty from a more bellicose foreign policy under Trump also spells upside for the Midas metal, a traditional safe haven during geopolitical turmoil.

The Financial Forecast Center predicts that gold prices will reach $1,356 per ounce by April, a more than 10% increase.

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