UBS Launches Philanthropic Portfolio To Improve Healthcare In World's Most Neglected Communities

The UBS Optimus Foundation today launches Going Further: a philanthropic health portfolio, which breaks new ground in the way we think about financing and delivering large scale, transformational change for the world's most neglected communities. The Foundation plans to co-fund the portfolio. In addition, all donations will be doubled by portfolio partners, increasing the reach and impact of each donation significantly. And the UBS Optimus Foundation guarantees that 100% of each donation will go to portfolio programs because UBS covers all its administrative costs.

A matter of urgency

The currently fragmented approach to development funding isn't working. While billions of dollars are spent annually on aid programs it's estimated that an extra USD 1.4 trillion³ is needed each year to lift 700 million people out of poverty and neglect by 2030 and meet the world's ambitious new development agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals. This makes the case for attracting even greater levels of private capital to augment traditional funding streams more compelling than ever.

But it's not just about income. Outcomes are equally important. Despite the resources poured into development aid, the results are not what we're entitled to expect. Today, children in some areas are still 20 times more likely to die than in developed countries4. A lack of focus on outcomes means it's often unclear if funds are being used effectively. Many donors only have access to a single standalone program. This may fail, and even if it does work the impact is relatively small. And too many promising programs are being overlooked and not financed or taken to scale. There's clearly a need to explore new ways of financing and delivering change that is concerted, significant and lasting. And that's exactly what the Going Further portfolio seeks to do.

"The new Going Further portfolio offers UBS clients the opportunity to support a diverse set of world-renowned partners with best-in-class, result-focused programs that can drive the large-scale global change needed to ensure children thrive," said Sergio P. Ermotti, UBS CEO and Chairman of the UBS Optimus Foundation Board of Directors.

Ambition and action

Bundling high-quality, result-focused programs designed to address a specific issue within a portfolio structure gives programs access to additional funding. This allows the best ideas to grow faster and reach the maximum possible number of people. And it allows donors to maximize their immediate and long-term philanthropic impact while spreading risk.

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