The Secret Is Out: EscapeHouse And SafeHouse Chicago Target The Windy City With Grand Opening Launches

On orders from Control, top agents have confirmed that legendary Milwaukee destination (and famous spy refuge), The SafeHouse, will now expand by creating a covert location in the Windy City this January. SafeHouse Chicago will maintain the establishment's treasured 50 year legacy while adding upgraded experiences to the new location, including new technology and a modern design by Chicago's own award-winning firm, The Gettys Group. Spies eager to start their mission prior to the January grand opening will have their chance with the launch of EscapeHouse Chicago, opening Monday, November 21. The next evolution of innovative escape games, EscapeHouse immerses guests into an action-packed, 60-minute adventure, serving as the perfect precursor to SafeHouse Chicago.

"Who doesn't want to escape the everyday for an hour or two and become an international superspy?" says Agent BB, Greg Marcus, President and CEO of The Marcus Corporation (NYSE: MCS). "Fascination with the world of espionage persists in novels and movies, making the SafeHouse and EscapeHouse concepts ones that will stand the test of time. It is the world's second oldest profession."

While the popularity of room escapes has skyrocketed nationwide, none compare to the new EscapeHouse Chicago located at 54 E. Ontario Street. Through elevated design and upgraded finishes, this two room attraction transforms guests into the heroes of their own story. EscapeHouse was expertly designed, with upgraded, realistic finishes by Agent Fudd, Paul Daurio of Creative Development. Agent Fudd also led the team behind The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for Universal. Over the course of 60 minutes, agents will be tested on their ability to discover clues, solve puzzles and work together under pressure. EscapeHouse Chicago will include two game concepts: Saving the White House, where participants are secret service agents in training who explore an exact replica of the Oval Office, right down to the presidential seal on the ceiling, fusing an educational overlap with stimulating excitement, and Escape the Safe House, where operatives use methodology, tools and tricks of espionage to break codes and find clues to become a super spy.

Secretly headquartered below the city streets in the abandoned warrens of Chicago at 60 E. Ontario Street, the SafeHouse Chicago will fuse elements from the original Milwaukee location with modern touches. While the password to enter will remain unchanged, SafeHouse Chicago will feature upgraded technology, a new agent authentication process, and interesting seating areas including the soon-to-be infamous cone of silence booth. Visiting spies will be tasked with locating the top-secret entrance marked only with a sign for International Exports Ltd. flanked by two gaslights. Before entering, operatives will be required to provide the password or perform a top secret clearance test to gain entry to this newest refuge for spies from around the world. Once inside, operatives will embark on a one-of-a-kind mission as they create their own agent name and complete missions while discovering gadgets and hidden gems.

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