BioNovelus Inc. Begins Active Solicitation Of Marijuana Growers To Test Biofungicide CR-10 For The Prevention Of Mold And Fungus On Marijuana Crops

Phoenix, Nov. 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  / BioNovelus Inc. has begun soliciting marijuana growers to test Biofungicide CR-10 to prevent mold and fungus on marijuana crops. Our current plan is to have as many companies test the Biofungicide CR-10 in the coming months on as many varying marijuana crop fields as interested to ensure viability of the product.

"We believe Biofungicide CR-10 may be a solution to the marijuana mold and fungus issue and need more extensive testing to determine viability", said CEO Jean Ekobo, and went on to say "With the legalization of marijuana in more states and if the tests are successful, we believe that Biofungicide CR-10 could become a critical protection for the marijuana industry."

Senior chemical engineer Bjoern Fritzsche, from Rose City Laboratories in Portland, Oregon (, said on its report that on average, 15-20 percent of all cannabis tested in Oregon is being rejected due to high levels of toxic molds. In addition, senior micro biologist Steven McNalley, of Analytical 360, in Seattle ( reported similar results for the State of Washington. Mr. McNalley added that this number is much higher than the test results reveal as the 20 percent rejection rate only accounts for the final product that is submitted for testing.  According to Arcview Market Research (, "by 2020 legal cannabis sales in the United States are projected to hit $21.8 billion."

About Biofungicide CR-10 CR-10 is a proven, biodegradable, non-toxic solution that kills bacteria, fungi and spores rapidly, safely and effectively. It is a new generation of biofungicide with a unique mode of action. BioNovelus management believes that CR-10 has a broad range of uses in agricultural applications which now may include marijuana. If you are a marijuana company or know of one that would like to test CR-10 please contact us.

About BioNovelus Inc. BioNovelus, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ONOV) is a bioscience company that honors the environment with an innovative, cost effective and disruptive technology-based solution to agricultural and water problems.

We are determined to help coffee growers keep the better tasting strain of the Arabica plant by fighting coffee rust through our "green" CR-10 instead of being forced to change to "hybrid" type plants. We feel very strongly that our "green", biodegradable product is not only better for our environment but for people who enjoy the rich flavor that comes from Arabica coffee beans, whether organic or not.