NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Coal country from Appalachia to Wyoming is hopeful that President-elect Donald Trump can reverse the downturn in the coal market and the corresponding layoff of miners by decreasing environmental regulations. 

CNBC's Contessa Brewer went to Powhatan Point, Ohio to report on the current mood in the coal-reliant area for "Squawk on the Street" Wednesday morning.

"This area is around the clock facility where the coal never stops," she said. "Brought in from the surrounding hillsides by train and by truck and delivered onto barges headed either across the Ohio river or to ports around the world. It is really a bright spot in an industry that has lost 30,000 jobs nationally in the last five years."

People in Powhatan Point voted "overwhelmingly" for Trump based on his promise to end the so-called war on coal, Brewer noted. The small business owners in the town said they hope an upturn in the coal industry will benefit them as well. 

"I could see a little bit of hopefulness, you know," Snips Hair Designers owner Gina Ponzani told Brewer. "That jobs won't be taken away, that there will be dinner on the table."

The CEO of coal producer Murray Energy Robert Murray said on the show that Trump must follow through on his campaign promise. "Mr. Trump has a mandate to carry out what he said. It's going to be difficult to do it all, but he's got to do it. And he's got to do it in a short time frame."

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