The Morning Hype: Microsoft, Jay Z, NES Classic, and Renewables

People of Trump Tower(s), Just Because You Change the Name Doesn't Mean He Didn't Have a Hand in the Building (via Bloomberg)

Microsoft Gives Concessions for Linkedin in the EU (via Reuters)

Target Posts Better Than Expected Earnings (via MarketWatch)

Even This is Too Millennial for Me, Guy From Big Bang Theory to Play Buzzfeed Editor in Movie No One Wants (via Gizmodo)

The Gloves are Off in the Walgreens-Theranos Lawsuit (via Fortune)

Jay Z Goes to Court to Keep Exclusive Rights to Prince's Music (via Forbes)

A Bush Speaks of the Orange One, But Never Uses His Name. Does He Actually Make a Sound? (via Business Insider)

Here's Another Place to Try and Get the Nintendo NES Classic  (via The Verge)

China and India Poised to Pick Up Renewables Slack if Trump Wants the World to Burn (via Mashable)

Urban Centers Will Be the Biggest Pushback to Trump Policies (via Quartz)



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