Editors' pick: Originally published Nov. 15.

Mercedes-Benz will now a have convertible within its ultra-high-end Maybach line.

Daimler's (DDAIF) first-ever Maybach cabriolet coined the S650 will debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this week, according to the automaker. It will be a limited production model, with only 300 examples made worldwide and just 75 of that total headed to the U.S. The cabriolet will boast three different exclusive exterior colors that play on the American flag: red, white and blue. The S650 will be powered by a 6.0l V12 biturbo engine that pumps out a cool 621 hp.

No pricing was shared.    

Mercedes newest edition to the Maybach follows up on an impressive 2017 model year, which TheStreet recently reviewed.

Here comes a Mercedes Maybach convertible.

From the outside, the 2017 Mercedes Maybach looks like an auto from the German car-maker's high-end S-Class -- just a little longer and swankier. But that notion is quickly proven false upon swinging open the front and rear doors to the roughly $160,000 (or upwards of $170,000 with all the bells and whistles), 5,120 pound Maybach. The driver is greeted by an extra plush stitched seat that can quickly be heated up, cooled down or set up to offer a relaxing massage. Once firmly belted in, one can toggle through a rich array of in-dash multimedia options before cranking up the tunes on a 1,540 watt, 24-speaker Burmeister stereo.

Given the Maybach's extreme quietness while on the road, the tunes belting out from the Burmeister sound system makes one feel as though they are alone listening to Mozart in a concert hall.

The interior of the new Mercedes Maybach is insane.

Had enough of enjoying the open road and want to get some work done? Then the Maybach serves up perhaps the closest thing to an office on four wheels. As a hired driver takes over at the wheel, a person in the backseat could have their laptop plugged into an electrical outlet while set up on a fold out tray table. Need a dose of caffeine to power through the emails? A cup-holder is arm's length away that can keep coffee warm (or a cold beverage cold) with a touch of a button.

Tired of answering emails? Then recline the backseat in the Maybach 43 degrees, put up the leg rest, turn on a hot stone massage feature (controlled via a remote) and reach for a bottle of wine from the three-bottle wine fridge ($1,100 option). In the end, although the 2017 Maybach isn't the most exciting to drive (it sort of floats on the road) compared to, say, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the super luxury car is a must own for a high-powered executive that is always on the move or wants to a true status symbol parked in the driveway. The S650, however, may go a long way in luring in the wealthy that actually enjoy driving themselves around.