GE Expands Predix Platform To Advance Industrial Internet Opportunities For Customers

Today at Minds + Machines, GE (NYSE:GE) announced new products, acquisitions and partner programs to enable further adoption of Predix, the operating system for the Industrial Internet. The platform enhancements, acquisitions and new ISV partner program further complement the Predix technology stack and make it easier for industrial companies to execute a strategic digital transformation to drive internal productivity. In 2016, orders from GE's portfolio of software solutions are on track to climb 25%+ to more than $7 billion - making GE the fastest growing digital industrial company in the world. Demonstrating the strength of Predix within GE, digital thread productivity will exceed $600 million, accelerating into 2017.

"The opportunity for industry is now," said Bill Ruh, Chief Digital Officer of GE and CEO, GE Digital. "The Industrial Internet is profoundly transforming how we operate and our ability to deliver greater productivity for GE and for our customers. Connected machines, coupled with deep machine learning, are more powerful than anything we have seen. These strategic investments in both the Predix platform and our partners continue to attract industrial companies and provide them with tools they need to embark on their own digital industrial transformations."


More than 19,000 developers are building on Predix today, after GE opened the platform to global customers earlier this year. GE expects 20,000 developers working on the platform by year-end. To service this growing segment of the ecosystem, as well as the hundreds of industrial businesses already using Predix, GE unveiled a new suite of software and applications designed to get Predix in the hands of operators, business analysts and other users in non-technical roles.

This new release will focus on expanding the platform and scaling development of Digital Twins - virtual representations of the billions of physical assets that comprise the world's industrial infrastructure - through Predix apps and toolkits. It also aims to grow the developer community by building better tools for software engineers within GE's industrial customer base and extend the cloud to the edge - or to the machines.

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