Neovacs Acquires Interferon Alpha Manufacturing Technology From AMEGABIOTECH

PARIS and BOSTON, Nov. 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Neovacs (Alternext Paris:ALNEV) , a leader in active immunotherapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, today announced an agreement with the Argentinean company AMEGABIOTECH to acquire its Interferon Alpha (IFNa) manufacturing license. IFNa is a key component of Neovacs' lead therapeutic candidate, IFNa Kinoid, which is composed of inactivated IFNa coupled with a carrier protein, keyhole limpet hemocyanin.

Miguel Sieler, CEO of Neovacs, commented: " With this agreement, the company has reinforced its ability to maintain control of its technology, quality control, manufacturing and costs, which is key to our overall growth strategy as we continue advancing the clinical development of our lead candidate IFNa Kinoid.  With greater control over our Kinoid technology, we can drive optimization of manufacturing costs and more effectively support the potential commercialization of IFNa Kinoid for the treatment of lupus, a complex autoimmune disease where medical needs are urgent and unmet today."

AMEGABIOTECH is a leading global producer of IFNa protein and a long term supplier of Neovacs, particularly for its on-going Phase IIb study of IFNa Kinoid in Lupus. Their product is recognized by the international biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry for the quality of its technological manufacturing, which also meets all relevant international standards for GMP (Good manufacturing Practice).

About AMEGABIOTECH "AMEGABIOTECH is a- leader in development, production and commercialization of biotech products for human health - located in Argentina. Exporting recombinant proteins worldwide and focused on central markets registrations, AMEGA Biotech is the leading regional producer. Their work and vision are directed forward. Their core operations are based on a comprehensive design and integration of all the processes involved in the production of high technology products, from cell engineering to APIproduction and Finished Dosage Forms manufacturing. Their development and production model is a competitive advantage in the regional and world biotechnology industry, allowing us to face the future and constant challenges of a dynamic field. AMEGABIOTECH contributes to the future of biotechnology by understanding its high impact on society and its benefits on human health."