Old National Introduces Money $afety For Seniors Program In Conjunction With International Fraud Awareness Week

EVANSVILLE, Ind., Nov. 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- During International Fraud Awareness Week - Nov. 13 th to Nov. 19 th - Old National Bank is joining companies throughout the world in an effort to educate and protect citizens from financial exploitation schemes. A key tool in this fight is Old National's new Money $afety for Seniors course. It was designed to provide seniors and those who care about them with the tools and knowledge they need to avoid becoming fraud victims.

Unfortunately, seniors are an increasingly common financial exploitation target. According to the 2015 True Link Report on Elder Financial Abuse, seniors lose $36.5 billion per year to fraudsters. This is precisely why Old National created Money $afety for Seniors, a free course that outlines how to detect, protect against and report the financial exploitation of seniors.

"For a number of years, Old National has been drawing upon the expertise of our associates to provide fraud awareness training for individuals of all ages throughout the communities we serve," said Old National Chief Risk Officer Candice Rickard. "Our Money $afety for Seniors course was created specifically to address the persistent exploitation of seniors, who are tremendously at-risk for many common types of fraud."

Examples of financial exploitation schemes aimed at seniors include:
  • Common Scams - Grandparent, Sweetheart, Advanced Fee/Lottery, Work from Home, Service Scams, etc.
  • Social Engineering - Leveraging human interaction online to learn more about the victim.
  • Spoofed Emails - Fraudulent emails that appear to be from the victim's actual account.
  • Phishing - Sending an email falsely claiming to be a legitimate business in an attempt to dupe the victim into divulging personal, sensitive information.
  • Pop-ups - These appear on the victim's computer enticing them to click and download a "fix." Instead, malware is added to the computer.
  • Friendly Fraud - When someone in a position of trust utilizes that relationship to commit fraud. This type of fraud is sometimes referred to as trust abuse.

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