Here's a fact to make many golf lovers cry. Every fall the University of Michigan hosts home football games of over 110,000 people; a population greater than that of Erie, Penn. crammed into one college stadium. To find parking and tailgate space for all of those alumni and fans, the school spreads out into local parking lots and high schools… as well as the nearby golf course.

Yes, for several weekends every fall the University of Michigan lets football fans turn its golf course into a parking lot with port-a-potties. The rest of the year, that course is better than good. It's the twelfth best college course in the whole country.

That is, at least, according to Golfweek, whose editors would know.

Golf may be one of the more divisive sports out there. People who love the game invest in it wholeheartedly, bizarre attire notwithstanding, while all the rest of us… well, we just don't get it. To non-players, golf as a sport combines all the fun of balancing your checkbook with competitive parallel parking, one in which the players only break a sweat out of frustrated rage.

Yet speaking as a travel writer, we should all be immeasurably grateful for golfers and their odd Scottish habit, because their passion for this game has given us some of the most spectacular private parks the world has known since Versailles. In fact Golfweek recently released its 12th annual roundup of the best courses around the country and the world. The 2017 Ultimate Guide is just that: an ultimate guide, featuring a roundup from some of the best destinations around the world.

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