WISeKey Creates A Joint Venture Company

WISeKey International Holding (WIHN, a company listed on the Swiss stock exchange) through WISeKey ELA (its Spanish company headquartered in Bilbao), AC Investment & Consultant S.A. and Trend Technologies S.A. reached an agreement to form a Joint Venture for the creation of a new company WISeKey Argentina, with the objective of extending WISeKey's global presence in Argentina.

WISeKey's global expansion during recent years has focused on the development of joint ventures with strategic partners on a national level, which has permitted WISeKey to deploy their information technology security and the Internet of Things in emerging economies in India, Brazil, China and now Argentina. These joint venture companies are developed in these countries with strategic partners that pave their way into the market providing important clients and contracts that are facing a high growth demand for cybersecurity solutions such as, digital identity and privacy, secure mobile communication, secure cloud computing, the Internet of Things, secure semi-conductors, BlockChain and other innovative technologies offered by WISeKey.

The new joint venture will expand current operations in Argentina with the possibility of extending into other Latin American countries as well. The WISeKey alliance with its new partners creates a synergy between leading companies whose values and product portfolio provide state of the art technology and cybersecurity services. This initiative also contemplates that the company offer its services and solutions from a highly secure data center located in the region. The partnership includes a strategic investment in WISeKey Argentina, representing a 49% ownership to the new partners and a 51% share for WIHN.

WISeKey's presence in Argentina is a result of the creation of a joint venture that entails the development of a Root of Trust and a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for WISeKey Argentina, including a globally trusted Certification Authority within a security strategy framework. The Public Key Infrastructure is the center of all of the initiatives that provides the necessary security (encrypted and digital signatures) for electronic transactions.