Crystal Announces Its Lavish AirCruises Itineraries

When a company announces to the world that it will begin offering air tours on a Boeing 777 that will be more luxuriously appointed than most private jets, it almost goes without saying that the itineraries for such tours should be equally, if not more, awe inspiring than the lavish plane.

The company in question in this case is Crystal. And it has done just that with the recent, much anticipated release of the global itineraries for its soon to launch Crystal AirCruises.

The journeys aboard Crystal's new private Boeing 777, which is currently being customized to meet the company's standards, will range from 15 to 29 days and include visits to some of the world's most coveted, exotic and remote destinations such as Easter Island, Polynesia; Lhasa, Tibet; Mauritius, East Africa; Siem Reap, Cambodia and Gan Island, Maldives, to name a few.

AirCruise travelers will spend an average of two to three nights in each destination, rather than quickly being herded from one place to the next.

And while in each location, travelers will bunk in the finest hotels, resorts, safari-lodges and eco-villages available, according to Crystal, (although the names of the specific properties have yet to be released).

Perhaps most interestingly, each AirCruise itinerary can be endlessly customized to include curated activities each day focused on the individual traveler's interests and tastes - whether that be a culinary theme, history focus, adrenaline based activities or even more exotic requests.

"Within each itinerary there's about 100 options," Crystal CEO and President Edie Rodriguez explained during a recent telephone interview. "You don't have to be with the group of 84 travelers. Readers should not think, 'I'm going to be in a herd with all of these other people.' Not at all. This is intimate and exclusive."

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