Why Google's Chrome Is One of the Most Valuable Assets the Company Owns

This article originally appeared on Real Money on Nov. 11, 2016.

As the company has been prone to brag from time to time, Alphabet's (GOOGL)  Google has seven services that each claim over a billion monthly active users (MAUs): Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Android, Gmail, the Play Store and Google Chrome.

Of the seven, Google Chrome is arguably the one that gets the least attention and praise. After all, web browsers are more than two decades old now, and a large portion of Internet usage has migrated to apps (smartphone apps particularly).

But as new disclosures help show, Chrome's momentum remains quite strong, and the browser's strategic value to Google is as big as ever.

At its annual Chrome Dev Summit, Google announced there are now over 2 billion Chrome browsers in active use. Actively-used browsers aren't the same as active users, since many users rely on Chrome on multiple devices, but the figure does highlight how ubiquitous Chrome has become thanks to a high PC browser share, a healthy iOS presence and (most importantly) the fact Chrome is pre-installed on every phone running Google's version of Android.

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