New GASGUARD EV Temperature Control System From Versum Materials Provides Tighter, More Precise Control For Heating Electronic Specialty Gases During Fabrication

Versum Materials TM, Inc. (NYSE:VSM) has introduced its new GASGUARD ® eV Temperature Control System, which is designed to enhance fabrication consistency and lower the cost of ownership and operation by delivering reliable fabwide heat sourcing and control of electronic specialty gases that require heating to maintain or increase flow. It is engineered for delivery of gases such as NH 3, CO 2, SiH 2Cl 2, WF 6, SiCl 4, BCl 3, HF, C 4F 6, HBr, CH 3F or any liquefied compressed gas used during semiconductor fabrication and the manufacturing of TFT-LCDs and photovoltaics.

The GASGUARD eV Temperature Control System integrates the GASGUARD system's trusted gas delivery technology with an ECC heater/controller, two blankets and two heat traces to deliver an integrated platform that can eliminate the concerns and time of specifying, installing and commissioning third-party equipment. The integrated system also allows fabs to scale their manufacturing with the assurance that the components of the delivery system will not need to be upgraded or replaced.

The GASGUARD eV system's newly redesigned heater blanket has single-piece construction for both the heater and insulation, dual voltage (120V or 208-240V supply) and over-temperature protection reliability via redundant bimetallic switches for more precise delivery of heated gases to the fabrication tools.

Versum has expanded the integrated monitoring and control links between the heater/controller and AP11 controller to encompass benchmark gas delivery control that provides users with enhanced uptime, simplified troubleshooting and increased controller reliability.

The unit also has a single power feed (with an optional dual power source) and integrated GFRI protection to lower installation costs. Even with the additional functionality, the GASGUARD eV system features a reduced footprint that results in more usable floor space in the fab.

Available as either a single or multiple source system, the GASGUARD eV system has Class 1, Division 2, ATEX, CE, CSA approval as well as other certifications.

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