Insider Bets Paying Off At FRPH As New 52-Week High Reached

In trading on Friday, shares of FRP Holdings Inc ( FRPH) touched a new 52-week high of $39.85/share. That's a 41.61% rise, or $11.71 per share from the 52-week low of $28.14 set back on 01/21/2016. That means at today's intraday high, any investor who purchased FRPH stock any time over the past 52 weeks has an unrealized gain, including company insiders.

Over the past six months, insiders have been scooping up shares, and those bets are now paying off handsomely. As summarized by the table below, FRPH has seen 2 different instances of insiders buying over the trailing six month period.

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Purchased Insider Title Shares Price/Share Value
05/31/2016 John D. Baker II Director 33 $30.50 $1,006.50
06/02/2016 John D. Baker II Director 2,967 $30.50 $90,493.50
06/01/2016 David H. Devilliers Jr. President 1,250 $30.48 $38,100.00
06/06/2016 John D. Baker II Director 2,000 $29.62 $59,240.00

The chart below shows where FRPH has traded over the past year, with the 50-day and 200-day moving averages included.

FRP Holdings Inc Moving Averages Chart

In afternoon trading on Friday, FRPH shares are changing hands at $39.60/share, slightly below the new 52-week high.