NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- If president-elect Donald Trump is successful in repealing the Affordable Care Act (a long-shot by most experts' accounts) the hospital sector will be the most affected in the healthcare industry, said Nirad Jain of consulting firm Bain & Co. on Friday morning's "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas."

Hospital stocks such as HCA Holdings (HCA - Get Report) , Community Health Systems (CYH - Get Report) , and Tenet Healthcare (THC - Get Report)  took a big hit on Wednesday, following Trump's surprise victory and continued their decline through Friday morning.

"The impact on healthcare we think is going to be varied depending on the sector that you're in within healthcare," Jain said. "The one thing I think everyone should remember is that healthcare is a fair weather port for investors, traditionally, whenever there's macroeconomic uncertainty. We think that's going to continue to be the case."

Obamacare accounted for 10% of Ebitda for Tenet Healthcare and Community Health last year and this year that could be higher, BloombergTV's Alix Steel reported. She questioned Jain about the impact to earnings should Obamacare be repealed.

If Trump is successful in dismantling Obamacare, the issue for hospitals is the possibility of increased debt as they will not be reimbursed after treating patients with little or no income.

"What we now have is commercially insured lives, especially from those people that came on from the exchanges. If something were to happen where those folks wouldn't be able to get insurance through the exchange and wouldn't be able to get some type of replacement policy. Those folks would be, the Tenets of the world would, be exposed to bad debt," Janis explained.

Noting all the uncertainty and anxiety in this sector BloombergTV's David Westin questioned Janis about there being a buying opportunity because valuations go down.

Research by Bain has found that bold acquirers in periods of uncertainty have been able to "amass some of the largest market share gains and other market benefits," he said.

The firm sees this as the time for investors to think shrewdly about how they continue in the healthcare sector.

Shares of HCA, Tenent Healthcare, and Community Health are down at the start of trading this morning.