Snapchat's New Spectacles Glasses Are Finally Here -- Tech Roundup

Snapchat is the disruptive -- and to some, like Facebook (FB) and Twitter (TWTR) , pesky -- social media company that continues to garner momentum, as users continue to find themselves on the app more and more each week.

Well, the company's not going run the risk of becoming irrelevant. At least it won't do so without a fight. Snapchat launched its Spectacles product, which are sunglasses that can record up to 10-second videos to post on the app.

However, instead of doing product demos, stirring up excitement and launching it online, the company actually took a different route. It deployed Yellow Snap vending machines near its headquarters in Venice, Calif, which allows customers to purchase the products there.

Apparently, the company will have these machines placed around different cities, giving users about one day's notice ahead of time. The product costs $129 and customers can try on the Spectacles via virtual reality before buying.

Of course, if you really want the device, but don't live near a soon-to-be deployed "Snapbot," there are alternatives assuming you've got the cash. On eBay, bids have already surpassed $550 for one pair with 19 hours left to go, while Buy It Now options are listed much higher, generally between $700 and $900.

While it's unclear if this will be the next big thing in social media and wearable tech, it is interesting to watch a disruptive company like Snapchat deploy such a product in a unique and creative manner.

Shares of Facebook closed at $120.80 Thursday, down 1.9%, while Twitter closed at $18.37, down 4%.

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Some have been critical of Amazon (AMZN) in the past, particularly with its seeming lack of focus on profits and razor-thin margins. Well then, those people will also likely be critical of the company's plan for its new video series.

The still untitled gangster drama starring Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore reportedly cost Amazon $120 million for two, eight-episode seasons.

According to the same report, De Niro will make about $850,000 per episode, or a tidy $13.6 million assuming the series goes the full distance of 16 episodes and no more are added on.

If it's true that Amazon just paid $70 million for another series a few weeks ago, we're talking about nearly $200 million in video series that will only result in 24 total episodes.

This is where the debate began to rage for Netflix (NFLX) . Should the company develop its own content or continue to license content from producers? The answer still isn't totally complete, but big hits with "Orange Is the New Black" and "House of Cards" certainly helped the company justify those expenses.

But Netflix is a standalone service. Is Amazon going for the same thing or is it looking to bolster its Amazon Prime memberships?

Prime members get access to Amazon Video, but it's not clear if they will have access to this new series. Even if they do, will it pay off for Amazon to do these productions? If it helps justify raising the price of Prime, in which is has tens of millions of subscribers in the U.S. alone, then it probably is worth it.

It will help if the shows are favorably received by viewers.

Shares of Amazon closed at $742.38 Thursday, down 3.8%.

There's a few ways to score a deal on an Apple  (AAPL) iPhone this holiday season. One way is to buy a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus during Black Friday sales events, (here's an Apple-based shopping list). The other way is a bit less Apple-esque than we've become accustomed to over the years.

Apple, known for its widely popular lineup of Macs, iPhones and iPads, is considered a premium company that charges a premium price. That's why it was kind of surprising to see that the company is now offering sales of refurbished devices.

Granted, it's not a very big batch of iPhone 6s Plus devices, but if you want one from Apple, you can score a discount of about 15% on the device. Not too bad for a device that technically has nothing wrong with it.

In any regard, there's no telling how long the refurbished device sales will last. It wouldn't be surprising to see the company pull it from its site at some point if it's not generating the response Apple hoped for.

Shares of Apple closed at $107.79 Thursday, down 2.8%.

This article is commentary by an independent contributor. At the time of publication, the author held no positions in the stocks mentioned.

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