For many Americans, retirement means living the rest of your life on fixed income. But, if you did the proper planning, that fixed income might even sustain the lifestyle you lived during your working life.

The last thing you need or want is something that can create havoc on your income. And that's why you must be prepared for those an unexpected expense -- things that may be a shock to your retirement lifestyle.

Fixing that car or replacing that furnace was tough enough when you were working. But when you are on a fixed income, it could mean disaster.

That's why financial planners generally recommend that retirees have an emergency fund.

"Sometimes you have people ignoring the possibility of something bad happening in financial situation," says Bryan Hoover at Fragasso Financial Advisors in Pittsburgh.

In any event, there are certain shocks - not all of them financial - that can mean trouble for retirees. Not all of them are financial. Some are purely emotional, but just as devastating.

Here are a few financial planners say are not uncommon.

1. Loss of a job. One of the most devastating of all is losing your job. This can be especially troublesome if you lose that job before you had planned and are forced into an earlier than expected retirement. But it also means that money you expected to earn - and save - will no longer be available. On top of that, you may have to start drawing from your retirement savings earlier than you expected.

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