Are there any other areas where I can capitalize?

Nick Ventura, founder of Ventura Wealth Management in Ewing, N.J., says that client portfolios need to reflect the reality of changes that are likely under the Trump administration. "For instance, infrastructure investments will be made in this country to stimulate economic growth and it's badly needed," Ventura says. "Engineering companies, raw material companies and the general industrial complex of this country should have a place in most client portfolios." Ventura, like Elliot, is bullish on the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. "This long-suffering sector was under the threat of a Clinton administration," he adds. "Clinton undoubtedly would have pursued price controls and greater regulation, and that threat would have stifled innovation. Life sciences stocks and funds represent sound value and now will operate in a much more accommodating Trump administration." The defense /aerospace sector could also be a target of interest, Ventura says. "That sector will be a beneficiary of the Trump administration," he adds. "He has committed to large increases in defense spending to modernize all branches of defense. This goes hand in hand with aerospace spending. There are strong stocks in this sector, with strong balance sheets that should be natural beneficiaries of this increased spending."

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