Facebook, Twitter Score Big Wins on Election -- Tech Roundup

While there was a lot of shock on Wednesday morning as a result of the 2016 presidential election, one fact wasn't surprising: The surge that benefited social media. 

Companies like Facebook (FB) and Twitter (TWTR) saw an enormous uptick in activity thanks to this year's election. Facebook generated more than 700 million election day interactions and had video views of more than 640 million. 

For Twitter, the company saw its users generate 75 million tweets on election day, more than double the 31 million tweets sent on election day in 2012. 

Those are some big-time numbers for both companies and underscore what a huge platform social media has become for the election. Unfortunately for them - and perhaps fortunately for us - this type of event catalyst only comes once every four years. 

The question is, how much traffic will they generate next time and will another platform emerge in the meantime? 

Shares of Facebook closed at $123.18 Wednesday, down 0.8%, while Twitter closed at $19.13, up 4.1%. 

Alphabet's (GOOGL) drone ambition, dubbed Project Wing, saw an alteration on Wednesday. While it had previously partnered with Chipotle (CMG) to deliver burritos, its alliance with Starbucks (SBUX) no longer stands. 

It's not a difference of opinion, and no, the head of Project Wing didn't get the wrong Starbucks order. Instead, the company cut the partnership in an effort to reduce its overhead. 

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