Nutanix Unveils Powerful One-Click Networks To Broaden Enterprise Cloud Platform

Nutanix (NASDAQ:NTNX), a leader in enterprise cloud computing, announced today at its inaugural .NEXT Europe Conference that it will extend its unrivaled one-click datacenter automation capabilities to include network visualization, security and orchestration, and expand its already rich set of APIs.

Digital transformation, the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and proliferation of mobile-first apps have triggered a major rethink in the way software is built, deployed and scaled. Modern applications are being developed with flexible architectures using smaller, more independent modular services. While these new application architectures have improved overall IT agility, they have also exposed a multitude of IT challenges - visibility of application interdependencies for troubleshooting, new security threats and a dearth of unified management tools.

Visualize Networks to Instantly Triage Issues Across The Complete Stack

The rapid growth in the number of workloads puts more pressure on IT teams to monitor the end-to-end infrastructure in order to ensure that applications are meeting performance and availability SLAs. Without a single, unified view of all infrastructure resources, including the network environment, identifying, isolating and correcting issues becomes overly complex and time-consuming. Common challenges, such as VLAN misconfigurations, take hours to diagnose and fix, resulting in application downtime and lost revenue.

In addition to delivering valuable, at-a-glance insight into server, virtualization and storage resources, Nutanix Prism will now provide application-centric visualization of the network. Rather than rely on a panoply of tools from different vendors, IT teams get a comprehensive view of the physical and virtual network topology. This includes an intuitive view of how individual virtual machines (VMs) are connected to the physical and virtual network infrastructure, as well as providing detailed health and performance statistics of the network environment. Built-in network visualization enables datacenter managers to instantly identify and triage network issues impacting application SLAs.

Secure Applications Against Emerging Threats with Upcoming Built-in Microsegmentation

Modern application environments are composed of hundreds or thousands of individual applications and services, with each a possible point of attack. An internal application that has been compromised poses a serious threat to all other workloads running in the enterprise datacenter. Microsegmentation technologies have been available for some time to address these internal threats by controlling east-west traffic between applications, but widespread adoption has been slowed by the complicated setup and management commonly demanded by large-scale SDN deployments.

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