HiMedia To Become AdUX



AdUX, to successfully combine effective Advertising (Ad) and respect for the User Experience (UX)

A new trade name and assertion of positioning to address online advertising challenges

In response to Internet users' increasing hostility to what they consider to be intrusive forms of advertising, coupled with the rise in use of ad blockers, the digital media and marketing market has begun seeking ways to improve the user experience (UX).Since 2014, HiMedia has worked to embody a vision that puts the emphasis on an enhanced user experience, gradually building technology and advertising products that address this highly important issue.

The Group has now fully revamped its offering and reorganised its activities around three platforms, each providing a complementary response to the issues of "digital Advertising" and "User eXperience":
  • Quantum offers unintrusive native advertising solutions for desktop, mobile and video applications, 
  • Admoove delivers advertising with immediately noticeable consumer benefits thanks to ultra-precise geotargeting with a margin of error between 10 and 100 meters, 
  • AdPulse boosts user engagement with brands by harnessing full-screen opt-in advertisements, as well as brand content and opt-in email solutions.

In line with this strategy, HiMedia is changing its name to AdUX, a contraction of Advertising and User Experience. AdUX will continue to deploy these platforms across all the main European markets as well as its host regions in Spanish-speaking America, thereby driving the return to growth announced with the publication of its quarterly results.

Commenting on the change, Cyril Zimmermann, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Company, said: "We are returning to growth thanks to our native advertising (Quantum), geotargeting (Admoove) and user engagement solutions (AdPulse) platforms. These three offerings address the challenge currently facing the digital advertising market, namely how to reconcile effective advertising and respect for the user experience (UX). By changing its name to AdUX, the Company is affirming its determination to deliver advertising solutions that respect the user experience, while at the same time starting a new chapter in its development."