Resonant Swiss Subsidiary Leads European Consortium To Win EuroStars Contract

Resonant Inc. (NASDAQ: RESN), a developer of software tools and intellectual property and design services provider of filters for radio frequency front-ends (RFFE) that specializes in delivering solutions for difficult bands and complex requirements, today announced that its wholly owned Swiss subsidiary, GVR Trade SA, executed a contract with EuroStars to fund a multi-year project for the development of sensors for new medical applications. The project is a three-way collaboration between the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (Lithuania), MIT-SOFT JSC (Lithuania), and GVR Trade SA.

This will be the first project that will leverage both GVR Trade's advanced SAW sensor designs and Resonant's Infinite Synthesized Networks (ISN) platform to pursue development of radically-simplified readout algorithms invariant to a sensor's temperature and an array of 10 or more battery-less sensors to be interrogated at RF power levels 10-100 times lower than that of a mobile phone. An additional expected benefit is that the system will not require calibration. Furthermore, these ultra wideband (UWB) SAW sensors are immune to the multipath reflection problems that limit most remote-sensor technologies. Expected application areas include medical temperature sensing, such as skin temperature monitoring in perinatal hospitals and industrial temperature sensing in ovens, electric switch boxes, rotating parts and other equipment. It is complementary developments like these that have the ability to utilize Resonant's ISN to facilitate and deliver upon the RFFE design requirements for next-generation 5G devices. Resonant has published a whitepaper titled " RF Innovation and the Transition to 5G Wireless Technology" that provides more information on how its technology can be used in 5G RFFE.

"The collaboration among our teams in Santa Barbara, Burlingame and Neuchatel on this cutting edge EuroStars development project is a great first validation of our acquisition of GVR Trade SA this past summer," said Terry Lingren, CEO and Co-Founder of Resonant Inc. "The consortium with our Lithuanian counterparts led by Dr. Victor Plessky further confirms our belief in Victor's leadership in the area of advanced filter development."