NEW YORK (TheStreet) --In a world where cord-cutting is becoming the new norm, more media companies are planning to offer a single service with a bundle of channels (skinny bundles) so as to provide an alternative to cable subscriptions. 

Former Microsoft (MSFT - Get Report) CEO and owner of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA franchise Steve Ballmer discussed how future over-the-top (OTT) streaming bundles will impact the NBA.

"The real power comes when you start changing the viewer experience," Ballmer said during BloombergTV's "Bloomberg Markets: Americas" on Monday. "Can you pick your camera angle, and what would that look like to watch courtside center, or on the baseline?"

Moreover, as time goes on and improved technology emerges, viewers may be able to take in a game experience from the perspective of their favorite player via virtual reality, Ballmer said.

"What would it look like to watch the game from Chris Paul's or Blake Griffin's perspective? How does all of that look like?" Ballmer questioned.

Additionally, he believes other enhancements to the viewing experience can also be developed with the OTT services, and emerging software.

"How do we weave statistics into the game, how do we weave social more into the game, how do we weave fantasy more into the game?" Ballmer pondered.

"The traditional media business is under pressure," Ballmer continued.

While he does not believe the NBA product will decrease in value, he thinks the newer product will require increased digital expressions, and a new business model to support it.