Distract Yourself from the Nearing Election Apocalypse with Retail Therapy

It's the day before the election, everything is terrible and we're all nauseous with anticipation of whatever lies in store for our country tomorrow evening. Two temporary solutions, like a band aid over a deep, gangrenous wound? Retail therapy and drinking! 

And what better way to facilitate the two than shopping for barware? I'm a big fan of buying elevated barware on sale because...

A) ...it somewhat balances out whatever cheapish spirits I'm throwing in there
B) ...it likely won't go out of style
C) ...if I treat it well, it'll likely outlive me, and my descendants can fight over who gets the stupid mugs their great-grandmother bought on the eve of the presidential election because she had serious issues  

Just in time for our collective emotional decline, Williams Sonoma  ( WSM) is having a pretty decent sale on copper mugs today. When I go over my friend's place in Tribeca, he often hands me a Moscow Mule in a reassuring copper mug, and this illusion of domesticity always makes me feel like he has his act together. I've vowed to acquire some, but like most things on my to-do list, it hasn't been done. I've searched for copper mugs in a variety of places but have always been drawn to the Williams Sonoma version because of their heft and the fact that you can monogram them. I also feel like Pinterest has destroyed so many things (chevron, subway tile, even J. Crew to an extent), but as popular as copper has become, such a utilitarian metal that'll keep your drink cold isn't going anywhere.

The Williams Sonoma version is handmade in Turkey out of solid copper with a tin lining and the product description promises that "the copper will age naturally to a rich bronze patina." They're 30% off today with free shipping and monogramming, so one comes out to $20. As someone who has been following these exact copper mugs for some time, I don't foresee a much better deal if you want them monogrammed.

If you're looking for a cheaper option that allows you to buy more in bulk, there are several Amazon Prime deals  ( AMZN) that come with a lower price than the Williams Sonoma iteration. You can get four for $22 or eight for $40 or a variety of other available options; however, buyer beware, as the comments are fairly mixed. If you're looking to entertain a larger crowd rather than drinking alone while staring at the newest polls, this seems like a better bet. 

Like anything of value you have to polish the WS mugs regularly, but on a day like today when you want nothing more than to continually refresh your internet browser for news while staring off into the void, polishing your nicer barware doesn't sound like too tedious a chore. 

Annnnd if you really want to get fun with monogramming, you can forgo your actual initials for two or three letter words and abbreviations like NAH, MEH, EEK, LOL, JK, GIN, GTH, G&T, TMI, TBH...the list of red flags goes on and on.

Cheers to the end of this neverending election!

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