Valmie (VMRI) Steps Up Entry Into The Drone Racing Field, Sponsors MultiGP Endurance Race

Valmie Resources Inc. (OTCBB:VMRI) continued expanding its footprint into the drone racing field by becoming the major sponsor of this weekend's MultiGP 200 Lap Masters of Endurance Race in Loranger, Louisiana. Valmie's wholly owned subsidiary, Vertitek, also provided its popular racing frames as prizes for the participating racing teams.

The race, which took place on Sunday, consisted of several drone racing teams from throughout the state of Louisiana, including the team from Vertitek Racing, a subdivision of Vertitek. The Vertitek Racing crew took second place after 180 laps in a close race.

"Pilots are seeking endorsement deals from major corporate backers to help the sport grow, and we are enthusiastic about Valmie's support of the drone racing community through this generous sponsorship," said Sean Foster, President of Vertitek. "As Vertitek continues to build its racing brand, Valmie is also becoming recognized as an early proponent of this exciting sport."

MultiGP is an authentic drone racing league for first-person view (FPV) radio-controlled aircraft focused on pure competition and community. The organization welcomes pilots and organizers of all skill levels to participate and help grow the sport. MultiGP Chapters are groups of pilots in a defined region that organize drone racing events to further their skills, competition, and progression of the sport.

Vertitek Racing specializes in fabricating and selling racing frames for the competitive drone racing industry. Vertitek's expanded Engineering and Services component will allow for 100% in-house design and production of Vertitek Racing's new expanded product line. The line of light and durable frames are expected to continue to grow in popularity among drone racers throughout the country.

Vertitek racing frames are available for purchase online at

About Valmie Resources (OTCBB: VMRI)

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