Election Endgame: How to Survive the Week Ahead

Cue the opening strains of "The End" by The Doors.

The prospect of Donald Trump winning Tuesday's presidential election terrifies the financial community. For Wall Street, the bombastic billionaire is all four "Horsemen of the Apocalypse" rolled into one.

However, Hillary Clinton also is feared and loathed by a wide swath of investors. To be sure, she's the preferred candidate of professional traders, most corporate CEOs, and billionaire super-investors such as Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban. But her left-of-center policies rankle many people in the inherently conservative investment world.

It's a recipe for intense volatility in the week ahead. Here's a blueprint for surviving the storm.

First, consider doing nothing. Eastern philosophy teaches the wisdom of "nonaction," and right now it makes a lot of sense to simply sit tight. In the unlikely event that Trump wins, it's a near certainty that the markets will nosedive. Conversely, you can probably expect a relief rally if Clinton wins. With so much on the line, refraining from any moves next week could be your smartest move.

Regardless of who wins, you can probably expect a surge of "gold mania," as the political fallout lingers into 2017 and beyond. America is a deeply divided nation and that won't change after Nov. 8.

Intransigent Republicans in Congress already are talking about impeaching Hillary Clinton, and the election hasn't even occurred yet. There's also worry that if the election is close and Trump loses, he might challenge the outcome. Partisan rancor will unsettle markets into the foreseeable future, which makes traditional havens such as gold and silver a "win-win."

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