What Clinton and Trump Want to Do About Your Health

Welp, we're down to the wire, with LESS THAN ONE FULL WEEK before the election. I've avoided mentioning politics in any kind of depth up until now, to spare the last shreds of sanity I have left from this rollercoaster ride through the hellscape that is partisan politics. 

Somewhere above the trite euphemisms, circular logic, and flat-out insults to our collective intelligence, there are issues. Somewhere in those issues, are two politicians who have at least a semblance of policy, or so we hope. We're sifting through the rage, pandering, and email leaks to find out just where the politicians stand. First on our docket: Healthcare


Hillary on Healthcare

Straight from hillaryclinton.com, there are a fair few issues regarding American healthcare that Clinton addresses. She states that on various health epidemics such as Alzheimers, Autism, HIV/AIDS, and mental health in general we require more research and treatment options while minimizing out-of-pocket costs. Clinton is also a proponent of paid medical leave, up to 12 weeks guarenteed, she states that tax reforms she will implement will cover the costs for the "paid leave plan".  

In regards to the American healthcare system as a whole, Hillary wants "Universal, quality, affordable health care for everyone in America." Much like her ideas for specific medical issues, this comes in the form reducing costs, expanding/maintaining healthcare access, and raising funds for certain initiatives:

Reducing Costs: Clinton seeks to lower prescription drugs costs for families and seniors. She states she will protect consumers by enforcing regulatory standards and penalties to drug-makers who attempt to increase prices of life-saving drugs in highly consolidated healthcare markets. 

- Healthcare Access: Clinton will keep the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare or ACA), with plans to expand the healthcare coverage to the public and let 55+ year olds buy into Medicare.

- Funding: Clinton is pro reproductive rights and will obviously defend abortions and sexual health care. She's also stating she will try and "double funding" for community health centers and increase healthcare access to rural Americans. 


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