The Morning Hype: Jobs Report, Corporate Rockets, and Ultrasonic Signals

Bloomberg Says: Your High-Protein Diet is Lame (via Bloomberg)

Apparently,  Running in Marathons is Very Expensive (via MarketWatch)

What is Going On at Buzzfeed Recently?! (NSFW) (via Jezebel)

The US Jobs Report Came Out and Everyone is Looking at It (via Business Insider)

Smoking Cigarettes is Bad For You, Guys (via The Verge)

WhatsApp (aka Facebook) Wants to Bring You Snapchat Stories Too! (via Mashable)

No More Windows 7 or 8 (via Forbes)

The Corporate Rocket Race is On (via Fortune)

The Bronx Will Have No Bookstores Soon (via Gothamist)

Wired Explains Ultrasonic Signals that Track Your Cellphone Activity (via Wired)


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