What Happened to That Woman From 300 Sandwiches?

"Make me a sandwich."

That's what my boyfriend, E, asks without fail every morning. Not "babe, where are my keys?" Not, "honey, where are my socks?" And no, not even, "C'mon, just the tip?" Sandwiches. Doesn't matter what kind. Two pieces of bread, some meat and cheese and he's in heaven.

So began that infamous blog 300 Sandwiches by Stephanie Smith. In the summer of 2012 those lines spurred more than a million #TFM (total frat move) jokes and had feminists up in arms. And no wonder: this woman was actively making sandwiches for her boyfriend and cataloguing them within the context that he would propose by the three-hundredth veiled threat. In the very beginnings of viral blogging, it was a quick hit, mostly because it was so controversial. Not to mention masochistic on the part of the blogger. It gave the appearance that she had to bribe her boyfriend with homemaking skills to appease his stomach, trying to "earn" that piece of jewelry that serves as a tangible promise between two adults.

Things are fairly serious between E and I. We've been dating for more than a year, and recently, we moved in together to a lovely Brooklyn apartment...I realized what it would take to get him to commit after the first time I made him a turkey on whole wheat bread, with mustard, lettuce and swiss cheese.

"Honey, this is the best sandwich ever!" he exclaimed in between bites so rapid in succession, the sandwich was gone in minutes. And then, he dropped a bomb me: "You're, like, 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring."

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