NEW YORK (TheStreet) --This week marks the one-year anniversary of HP (HPQ) trading as a standalone company. During the past year, the company has gone through various stages of reinventing itself, HP CEO Dion Weisler said. He joined Thursday morning's "Squawk Alley" on CNBC to tell the story of HP's reinvention.

"We're faster, we're more nimble and we're really focused on delighting our customers every single day. In particular, our personal systems business has been manically focused on the premium segment," Weisler explained.

Even with the gained traction the company has made into the premium segment, HP remains focused on its core business as well. "We're re-inventing right across the entire company," Weisler noted.

Regarding its PC business, he explained that its broken up into two parts.

"Between what we would all ordinarily think of as the classic PC business, but in addition to that there's another 50% of the business which includes accessories, displays, and services," he said.

Weisler emphasized the focus on services, and the growth it represents for the company moving forward.

As for HP's printing business, it is working to develop "high-value" units which will drive supply into the future.

"We've made a lot of decisions to really place high-value units and ensure that drives the flywheel of supply well into the future. We're well on track to stabilizing our supplies business by the end of 2017," Weisler stated.

HP will continue to innovate every single day, and look to add to its "new portfolio," he added.

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