What a Clinton and Trump Manufacturing Policy Looks Like

There's a lot of talk on both sides about more jobs, more US production, and less China. US manufacturing is expanding, but most experts seem pretty pessimisstic about that trend.  Let's try to see what the candidates mention on the matter:


Trump on the Issue:

Trump lacks a manufacturing "platform" flat out, so I've had to piece together parts of his other positions to try and make a clear argument, which is always difficult in the world of poltitics and made even worse by his penchant for rhetoric. 

From his  Economic Position: One point from his fiscal policy platform (which we'll discuss more in depth in a few days), is his desire to "create a dynamic booming economy that will create 25MN new jobs" and "boost growth to 3.5% a year on average". He doesn't go into too much detail outside of stating that regulatory changes need to be made to the current state of business in the US. He also would like to ban the Trans Pacific Partnership.

From his  Energy Plan: In his oil-and-gas heavily reliant energy plan, Trump wants to "rescind all job-destorying Obama executive actions" and "eliminate all barriers to responsible energy production". With the added initiative of "unleashing" untapped oil and natural gas reserves, his plan would strive to improve energy production and general domestic production, I guess. Also his "key issues" sourced material for this position either links to nothing or a completely different article. Take a look for yourselves.

From his  Trade Plan: Aside from mentioning Mexico and China by name five times Trump would like to…
-Renegotiate NAFTA terms, or if that doesn't work,  withdraw completely to "end sweatshops in Mexico that undercut U.S. workers"

-Bring trade cases against China, label China as a "currency manipulator" and "use every lawful presidential power to remedy trade disputes if China does not stop its illegal activities". I'm assuming from this, Trump envisions more domestic production, more jobs, more sunshine and rainbows. Hey Trump, you know who else manipulates currency? Russia. I'm sure they feel pretty bad about being left out. 


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