Earnings scorecard

By Yale Bock

As the stream of earnings reports comes rolling, the focus of attention is on the large-cap companies.

In technology, Apple (AAPL) reported a solid quarter and again sold more that 50 million units of product.

Yet, because of the company's reliance on iPhone sales and questions about future innovations and strategy, investors were unimpressed.




Tech Titans

Google (GOOGL) had a strong quarter as some of its big moonshot investments are starting to gain traction, narrow losses or even generate profits, in my opinion.

Twitter (TWTR) showed nice growth and announced layoffs , yet again.

CEO Jack Dorsey might want to rethink the company's stock option program , in my opinion, as 5% a year in dilution makes it awfully hard to grow the bottom line.

Amazon (AMZN) showed good top line growth and told the world it is investing in web services, India, artificial intelligence, and more warehouses.


Consumer Giants

In the consumer area, Coca-Cola (KO) showed better volume growth .

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